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Thank you for Visiting our Site! This Project is made a small group of Individuals that dedicating their free Time and Ressources in this Project. If You wanna Support our Project there a many Ways to do this, we will explain a few on this Site.

1. Tell Your Friends

By posting our Site on Social Media or sharing it with Friends and Family we are able to reach more People that are interested in the field and we can Inform and educate them about the exiting developments in the Cryptop Space. This will help us grow and enables us longterm to produce higher Quality content since we still doing this in our free Time.

2. Give Us Feedback

We allways Post all Informations after the best available Sources but since the development goes fast and we are new to doing this, Feedback is much Appreciated and helps us to make the content that you are interested in. You can get in touch over our Social Media Profiles.

3. Use Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a Chrome Fork but without the Tracking Stuff that is built in to Chrome Engine. Its very fast, saves Battery and Blocks Ads and Trackers. You can Opt-In to receive Privacy Respecting Ads which you get a share from payed in Cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token. We are Part of the Brave Creator Programm, if you are using Brave you can Tip us BAT directly from inside Brave Browser.

Watch this Video to find out more:

4. Buy Our NFTs

We are also active in the NFT Space, exploring new possibilities, check out our Collection:

Rarible Collection

5. Send Us Your Favorite Cryptocurrency

We registered a ENS ID (we will deploy this Website later to IPFS too) you can use it also to send us Tips or Donations in your favorite Cryptocurrency, you can also use our Bitcoin/BTC Address:

ENS ID: blockchain-roadmaps.eth

BTC ID: bc1qp4m40zg2c2qstx460nu0hqtjvuuwwc6jdesxza



This Site is focusing on Technology and is in no way considerable as Financial advise! Allways do your own research! Facts are written as specific as possible but there is allways room for speculation on any subject.


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